Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NOT flu. Strep!

Lil Miss A's strep culture came back positive! So we do not have the flu here, we have strep throat. Now she has to be on antibiotics even though she is improving. No school again for another 24 hours after she gets on the meds.

Wow. Life is a roller coaster ride.


Connie said...

While strep is certainly no picnic, at least the antibiotics can knock it out, unlike the flu. Glad Little Miss A is on the mend.

WV: Prounger. A prowler who would really prefer to lounge.

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about the Strep, but then again it`s good to know what you are dealing with. Hope Miss A is well soon.

Mrs. Mac said...

You know the routine, chicken soup, no kisses, cups, spoons, plates, etc. in the dishwasher on sanitary cycle. So why am I telling you this ;)? Glad your Miss A will be jumping in piles of leaves real soon!