Friday, October 02, 2009

We Have the Flu

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Or at least one of us does, Lil Miss A. I don't know which variety she has and don't think I will bother to find out, I'll just take care of her. We are all acting like we don't like each other in this house, not hugging, sleeping in separate bedrooms and looking askance at things we know were just touched by someone else. This morning after the males left for school I walked through the house with a roll of paper towels and a squirt bottle of Chlorox Clean-Up and sprayed all the doorknobs, light switches, handles, railings and other often-touched surfaces to kill any lurking germs. The house smells like a public swimming pool, but I feel like I accomplished something, anyway. Barry, especially, cannot get sick, as he has a wedding photo job Saturday.

I also started a loaf of bread rising. And now it's time for work.


Anonymous said...

aw, I hope the rest of your family stays healthy! I need to do some serious bleaching around here too. No one is sick, but I can't take that for granted!

Catherine said...

I hope not everyone gets sick. I`m debating if I want that very new vaccine. My home also smells like bleach.

Mrs. Mac said...

Oooh, sorry to read about your house bug. I like to ban our sicko's from the kitchen and assign them their own bathroom downstairs in the 'cold' basement.

wv: scarmat = a carmat with a gouge in it.

Anonymous said...

Not fun.... the flu that is. Get well soon!!