Saturday, December 05, 2009

Is $18.69 a month a decent price for an addiction?

I am the only caffeine addict in the family (Barry kicked the habit a couple of years ago and is insufferable about it). I drink coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper. I buy green coffee beans from Invalsa and roast them and grind them myself. It feels selfish since I'm the only one who drinks the stuff, but on the other hand, who's earning the money around here? More importantly, who needs to stay awake to earn the money around here? That's my justification.

Anyway thanks to Quickbooks, when I realized I was just about out of beans and needed to reorder, I found that I have been spending about $18.69 a month on green coffee beans. And I have cut way back on the DDP.

I know what I WANT you to answer, and since you are my friends, you'll all probably be nice and say things like, "Of course! You deserve it. Go ahead and re-up your coffee beans." But this time I actually want the truth: Am I being too selfish? Do I just need to kick the habit? Or maybe go with cheaper coffee that is less delicious?


Connie said...

Do you hit your local Starbucks or equivalent several times a week? Do you get biweekly manicures and monthly pedicures?

I didn't think so.

Less than $20 a month for your one vice seems perfectly reasonable to me. You deserve good coffee.

Connie said...

BTW, I don't understand the concept that selfish is an insult. I take it as compliment; it took me years to learn how to take care of myself, and the truth of the matter is that if I'm not taken care of, then nobody else gets my best.

Anonymous said...

If you can afford it, then you have every right to buy it. :)

sewcrazy said...

You are talking about less than $.75 per day. Is that too much for something that you enjoy? Not much more than a daily paper would cost... Go ahead and keep the coffee.

Vann said...

you know the only thing cheeper is instant sanka right....... no one wants you to have to drink sanka...... trust me.