Sunday, February 07, 2010

The end of a pretty nice weekend

photo courtesy Ricki Lee G.

It's 10:00-something on a Sunday evening, the end of a very good weekend. Britta was home, and yesterday we girls went to Decorah to watch the Kee High speech team perform at the state competition (which is really the regional competition if you ask me, as there are 4 of them in Iowa). It was great fun, as usual, but we were very disappointed in K's improv team's score. Not their performance, as it was wonderful, but their rating was not high enough to advance them to the All-State Festival in Ames. We are still waiting to hear the scoring on the Choral Reading performance in which K also took part.
After church this morning, we got to go eat a lovely Thanksgiving-esque turkey dinner at our friends the Fruechtes' home. I brought pies.
And this evening I drove Britta back up to Viterbo in light snow. On the way back, just after I turned onto the 26 south of La Crescent, a strange thing happened. The snow came down very heavy and fast for maybe 5 miles, and there was no traffic but me. The road was completely covered, so I could not see any of the painted lane markers on the highway. Normally when you're driving in snow, there are at least other people's tracks to follow, but not this evening. Plus I was listening to Simply Folk on Wisconsin Public Radio. Suddenly it seemed like the car was just floating in this sea of fluffy white critters. The inside of the car was warm, there was Irish music playing on the radio, and there I was gliding on this white, trackless, smooth expanse of nothingness. Hard to describe, but rather special. By the time I got to Brownsville, the snow had cleared and I could see the road markings again, and the effect was over, but for that 5 miles, I felt like I'd been lifted away from my usual life. It was like being underwater, or something. Weird, and kinda neat.
I just finished a 2-week pay period which may have been the best single pay period since I started working for Webmedx. I'm tired, but triumphant.


Catherine said...

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I used to love driving on powdery snow. Fluff and stillness, I totally understand how you felt on that 5 mile stretch.

Mrs. Mac said...
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Mrs. Mac said...

Maybe your car took you into The Twilight Zone;) Sounds enchanting! My Ann showed me a pic of Britta from your FB of her in her ARMY fatigues ... Is this ROTC? Please update .. or direct me to a post about what she's up to (pretty please) ... Hope you didn't do any permanent finger damage from your record 2 week period .. period!

wv cistspl = carpal tunnel with cysts .. ouch!

I just fixed a typo ... new wv = myste

Was the music from 'Play Misty' on the radio while you were in the snow zone?:)