Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mail Call

The mail is here.

On the Pro side, Lil Miss A's report card and ITBS scores came, and they were pretty phenomenal. The kid may well be the sharpest knife in the Stahl drawer. Good thing we didn't stop having kids before we had her.

On the Con side,
  1. Alliant Energy denied my rebate for energy saving lightbulbs because, since they asked for EITHER the UPC symbol from the package OR the Energy Star logo, I sent just the UPCs, but it turns out they really wanted both, and I was supposed to go by what they were thinking rather than what they actually said.
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa is hiking the premium on our health insurance by about $75 a month after we have been with them only since the first of the year. Why? "Because we always do this and it's usually in April." I headed straight over to Facebook to complain about this, only to see that one of my Facebook friends got the same letter, only her premiums are up to nearly $1000 a month now. Ugh.

1 comment:

Mrs. Mac said...

our blue cross went up nearly $100 bucks.