Saturday, September 25, 2010

Caledonia City-Wide Garage Sales

I spent a couple of hours saling around Caledonia this morning in the blustery wind and cold (but at least it wasn't raining). It was so worth it! I found a 10-gallon fish tank with filters and all the other gear for a dollar (and it doesn't leak, yay) for Lil Miss A who wants to get black moor goldfish; a vintage-looking Christmas tablecloth; a vampire cape for Kieffer!, a Dorothy in Oz dress for Lil Miss A; and THIS:

Not the sink, that's an older acquisition (I didn't think to take the picture till after we had stuck the sink in the tub). The tub. It's a 6-foot clawfoot in great condition. My awesome son helped me unload it and put it in the corner of the garage. Then he started making noises about how it would have to go into his retro home someday. Yeah, right. Anyway, it's a beauty, and these big ones are hard to find. I'm very excited.

This means that I can sell this one:

It's a 5-footer that was in that corner of the garage till it got booted out to make room for the 6-footer. It needs a lot of wire brush work and repainting of the outside, but it's also in good condition, and it has a nice brass faucet.

Who wants to buy a clawfoot bathtub? Think of the romance!

P.S. Kieffer would like to announce that he hates how Joss Whedon ruined "Angel."


Connie said...

I'm wondering how Angel was ruined in his eyes. I can think of several key plot developments that I didn't care for, but I never thought ruined.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by last week! We've been on a "treasure hunt" this weekend, so we are a little behind commenting :) Love your new bathtub...we can't even imagine tackeling moving it though! Hope you find a buyer for your old one! Have a lovely week ahead!
Karla & Karrie