Thursday, September 16, 2010

#rockretractions: You shook me for a very short portion of the evening

Thursday saw a hilarious trending topic on Twitter: #rockretractions. Here are some examples:

While I am willing to perform dirty deeds, the price is quite high, commensurate with my experience and discretion\#RockRetractions


#rockretractions Lovin' a music man was a complete & utter mistake and I am *not* going to stand by you anymore.


Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man! Knock it off! #RockRetractions


Actually we built this city on old slave worksongs and Irish folk jigs #rockretractions

She actually blinded me with Intelligent Design. Only temporarily, though #rockretractions

yomamanonymous Hey, you, feel free to come join me on this cloud. It turns out there is plenty of room. #rockretractions

tmlrnz Maggie May, I can't even look at you right now. We'll talk later. #RockRetractions

tmlrnz We are the sultans of pre-renaissance antiphonal choir music. #RockRetractions

m00finsan On second thought, we will take it. #RockRetractions

JonnySoul90210 Mama, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head. Pulled the trigger. Now he's dead. Wait He's fine. Just woke up. #rockretractions

mellowghost Ok, so technically she blinded me with pepper spray; but what invented pepper spray? That's right, science.#rockretractions

GothchicComic According to this map, these streets are all named. #rockretractions


    Catherine said...

    Funny! Thanks for the laughs. And thanks to you my aprons sold!

    Bless you Maria.

    Maria Stahl said...

    Well, you and I both know the aprons were a great deal. :)

    Deb said...

    too funny!!