Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vintage embroidery as gift wrap

We attended the wedding of the son of friends yesterday. Kieffer is good friends with both the bride and the groom. They are expecting a baby before long, so I got them a useful setting-up-household kind of gift, but then I wrapped the box in this soft, cuddly yellow flannel receiving blanket hand embroidered with a Papa Critter and Mama Critter taking Baby Critter (what are they, anyway? not bears - maybe badgers? they have a Frances vibe) on a walk in his stroller. I picked it up at the one and only garage sale I allowed myself to stop at on my way home from the Twin Cities last weekend. I had no specific use in mind; it just was too adorable to leave behind. And then it turned out to be exactly the right size to go around the box that the wedding gift went in. How perfect was that?

I had also gotten a wonderful blog prize from Christine Hoffman of Pies and Aprons (it's one of the two Saturday's Aprons waiting in the wings), and she sent it all wrapped in tissue paper with a yellow gingham band around the bundle, and I took the yellow gingham idea and ran with it. I used her band as a ribbon on the package and made a wedding card with the yellow gingham theme. Fun!

More pics follow:


Amrita said...

Very cute embroidery

Deb said...

Love this!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Such a great idea, wrapping a gift up in a receiving blanket. So unique, yet so personal.

Wanted to say hi, I was in the blogging neighborhood.