Sunday, January 09, 2011

Church story

The offering plate was passing, but it stopped with my son. He held it in one hand while digging furiously around in his clothes with the other, trying to find his offering which I knew he had brought. We waited. We all waited. Finally, he dropped some cash in the plate and passed it on.

Turns out that he was WEARING HIS PAJAMAS under his slacks, and his offering was in the pajama pocket. Inside his slacks. In church.

I'm still not sure how he got it out of there without disrobing right there in the pew.


PakAmeristanican said...


Anonymous said...

A couple weeks ago my son's hair was still pretty soapy after he'd gotten out of the shower and dressed for church. So I had him take his shirt off so I could rinse it in the sink. And while he was bent over with his head under the water I realized he wasn't wearing any underwear under his church pants. "We do NOT go commando to Sunday School" = something I never thought I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Maria, I loved your post. This sounds like something my son would have done back in the day. Too funny!!! Boys are a mess! ;)

In The Woods said...

Maria...I have a friend who had to go to work early on her son's picture day (2nd grade). Dad was home in charge. She gets the school pictures back...he's wearing his pajama top. It's still in the yearbook.... :o) Kw

Catherine said...

How funny! Boys will be boys.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


One day, I don't know how, I went to elementary school and to my horror discovered I was wearing TWO dresses! One over the other!