Saturday, January 22, 2011

District Group Speech

Today was the district speech competition, held conveniently close to home this year in Waukon. I love speech competition. I love the speech and drama kids. They're extravagant and exhibitionistic and don't care if they look a little foolish. They're a fun, energetic bunch of misfits. Of course when you put them all in an otherwise empty school building on a weekend, suddenly they are not misfits anymore, they're their own peer group, and they just get weirder. I love them.

Speech (it's really misnamed, it should be called small-group drama) is scored by one judge at the district level with a performance score of I, II, III or IV, with I being the best. Anyone with a I advances to State. (And state is also a misnomer and should be called Regionals, because there are 4 of them in the state of Iowa, by geographic regions, but nobody wants to listen to my opinion.)

Anyway, Kee High brought 9 groups to competition this year, in improv, mime, solo presentation, radio news, small group acting and probably something else that I'm not thinking of. And for only the second time in Kee High history, every single group scored top ratings - all I - and will be advancing to state competition! It was a sweep. I would have been proud of them even had they not all advanced, but this is even better.

Kieffer was in small group acting with a comedy called Finders Creepers, and then in an improv group with 3 other boys. Both were wonderful and hilarious.


Aaron said...

Got video?

w/v beleaver: n. origin: church-growth movement. definition: persons counted toward "decision" statistics while somehow failing to be counted in membership roll.

Maria Stahl said...

I wish. No, we're not allowed to record or photograph the performances.