Saturday, January 29, 2011

For OilclothAddict

This is a tin Blenback sign that would originally have been on one of those horizontal bolt racks in the dime stores, where you could pull oilcloth off the bolt and buy as much as you wanted. It's over the sink in my kitchen.

And then here's that oilcloth sign (as in, it's a sign FOR oilcloth, but also MADE OF oilcloth) that I told you about. It has a wood strip at top and bottom to hang it from. I still have not figured out where to put it.

Here is a detail shot of the cute little kitchen scene on that sign.


Mrs. Mac said...

aaah .. brings back good memories of shopping for oil cloth with my grandma for her kitchen table cloth.

Catherine said...

That is the greatest! Nice treasures.

Anonymous said...

Nice signs! Someday perhaps we can see more of your oilcloth collection. Please.



Carol Reese said...

Do they still make oilcloth? I have fond memories of my great grandmother using scrap squares of oilcloth to make blocks for toddlers. I'm not sure where they went - hospital, nursery school, orphanage, or ??? And I don't really remember how they were stuffed, possibly with cubes of foam rubber. I learned to do a cross stitch by helping her. The edges were simply sewn together with an overcast cross stitch using (if I remember correctly) crochet cotton. I was 6-10 years old, back in the early 1950's.

Maria Stahl said...

Good question, Carol. They say they do, but in my book, it's not "real" oilcloth. It's PVC laminated to a fiber (usually cotton) backing. It doesn't have that smell anymore. :)