Thursday, March 10, 2011

Costuming for The Sound of Music

I'm excited because my friend Lisa Fruitful and I get to help out with some of the costuming for the high school production of The Sound of Music! We're having a sewing blitz this Sunday afternoon to see what we can get knocked out. What fun. :)

Let's see... Knickers and lederhosen for boys, lots of dirndl skirts and vests and pinafores for the girls... Whee!


Felisol said...

And old curtains for play clothes.
What fun.
Sound of Music is "my" Film too.

Phyllis said...

Maria, The Spring Grove community theater group did The Sound of Music a few years ago -- Heidi Myrhe was even a nun in their production -- so you might want to see if she has any contacts there who might be willing to lend some of the costumes. I'm sorry I can't be there to help - it would be fun! Phyllis

Maria Stahl said...

Phyllis, she already got a bunch of those but there are some things missing and we're filling in the holes, mostly.

Diane said...

This sounds like such an enjoyable project. I love the Sound of Music and all the period costumes. I know you'll have a wonderful experience!

Many hugs......