Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sprouted wheat berries in homemade bread

On a whim (or maybe a desperate desire to see something growing), I got my sprouting jar out and sprouted about a cup and a half of wheat berries over the course of a couple of days. I'm letting a small portion of them continue to grow in a windowsill so that we have wheat grass for salads, but the rest went into bread dough for 3 loaves of bread today. I just sliced myself a sample and oooooh my is it good! The wheat sprouts still add some texture but they're not tooth-crackingly hard, and the bread is nice and chewy (not sure if it's because of the sprouts or the fact that I used apple sauce for the sweetening and part of the liquid). I just started soaking some flax seed to try sprouting that, too.

P.S. Mrs. Mac, there, now there's a picture. :)


Mrs. Mac said...

Seeing that I have 100 pounds of wheat berries .. I've been wanting to try this too .. (did you post a pic? my pc sometimes doesn't show pics that people post) .. and maybe a link to the recipe .. hope that's not asking too much .. I hear you about seeing something sprout ;)

Maria Stahl said...

Mrs. Mac, no, I didn't do a picture. I just used my basic bread recipe but added about half a cup of sprouts to it with the flours, and the applesauce mixed with some milk in place of the warm water and honey or molasses.

I get really good results if for my flours I use 1 c. Wheat Montana white flour, 1 c. Wheat Montana whole wheat, 1 c. 7-grain flour and about 1/3 c. wheat gluten flour from Bob's Red Mill.

Diane said...

Oh gosh, they look delicious! I have been thinking of getting into bread making. I love home baked bread but am fearful of trying it. My one attempt some years ago was not a pleasant experience. Perhaps I will try again....this just looks yummy!

Many hugs..........