Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend thrifty find: Flashy-flowery purse from Hawaii (?)

There was an estate sale in La Crosse over the weekend, and Britta is working on furnishing her unfurnished apartment for next school year, so we zoomed up there to take a look. She found a pretty set of bookshelves for $24. I found a couple of odds and ends, including this little box style handbag. The price tag said "Hawaii". The yellow twine is icky but I love the raffia flowers. It was $3. I also bought a whisk broom for 50 cents. We have one, but when we need it for camping, it's on its hook on the back porch, and when we need it on the back porch, it's packed away somewhere in the camping gear. So now one can be in each place.

Lil Miss A fell madly in love with a NordicTrack exercise machine out in the garage, for sale for $20. I would not let her buy it, not even with her "own money." I do not want a NordicTrack in my house. Too huge. She was pretty upset with me, letting such an obviously awesome deal pass us by.


Diane said...

A bargain indeed and the yellow twine is so easily replaced if you like! BTW, I feel the same about the NordiTrack! Have a great week!

Many hugs..........


Catherine said...

Cute bag and yes, you easily could replace the twine. My aunt loved flashy purses and she had quite a collection of bags just like yours. She was my favorite aunt.

Felisol said...

Hi, Maria,
I guess you could have made a good e-bay deal with these Nordic track machine. They are sold for 1500 - 1900 US dollars when new.

Else, you know what they say, the road to hell is paved with good intention.
My Gunnar is actually the only person I know of who uses his indoor cycle-machine.

Tomorrow I intend to walk "Nordic walking" outdoors = hiking at a slow speed with walking sticks.

Mrs. Mac said...

Humm .. I wonder if Diane feels the same way as you OR Lil Miss A ;)

I sold a NoricTrack (delux pecan wood) for about the same price .. I bought it for $600 off a friend that paid about what Felisol quoted .. it was a love hate relationship. And walking a nature path is so much better.

Good find in the purse!