Thursday, May 10, 2007

A few of the reasons why I love my life

1. The scent of lilacs.
2. The sounds parent Canada geese make to their babies down in the marsh.
3. The way my laundry flaps itself dry on the clothesline.
4. Working on my laptop on the back porch with the dog and two cats lying in snoring piles around my feet.
5. Birdsong that I am too ignorant to identify, but so sweet.
6. Having Caller ID so I only have to answer calls from those I like and/or love.
7. Knowing my children are just down the road, learning things, and that they will be home soon.
8. Banty chicks following their mom around and learning to scratch in the warm earth.
9. Junebugs, a month early.
10. Waking in the middle of the night just a little bit chilly, with a night wind blowing through the house, a warm husband just inches away, and knowing that I still have hours to sleep.

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