Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gardening as an act of faith

In the past few weeks, the children of one of our local ladies, Edna Don, have rallied to care for their mother after her announcement that she had what was probably terminal cancer. She lived in her own home to the very end, with the help of her children. A steady parade of vehicles with out-of-state plates appeared at the house as they took turns caring for her and her house.

One of the sweetest things they did was to plant her garden for her this spring. Edna had a beautiful garden every year, with nary a weed to be seen. Her kids planted the garden once more. What an act of faith, to plant a garden and assume that she would be around to see it bear fruit!

Well, this time God's answer was "no," and He called Edna home. Her children are now taking care of her affairs, cleaning out her home to be used as a vacation place for their families, at least for awhile, and going through the process of grief. Meanwhile, Edna's garden grows.


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