Monday, May 28, 2007

New Albin Area Veterans Memorial

Saturday afternoon was the dedication of the new New Albin Area Veterans Memorial. There was a wonderful ceremony, with speeches, prayers and reminiscences by brothers and nephews of veterans. The three living Gold Star Mothers of our town did the actual unveiling. The Kee High Band played. I like the monument itself. Elegant is the only word I can find to describe it.

This obnoxious-looking vehicle from was there protesting military spending from a legal distance away so nobody could kick them out:

The next day they showed up at Kee High graduation, but they made the mistake of parking illegally, and I was able to get the Lansing patrol officer to at least move them down the road a bit.

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Mrs. Mac said...

They should go camp out in front of the President's house ... not at an event honoring veterans. Terry's grandmother was a Gold Star Mother and lived in one of their senior complexes until the age of 98! From there she lived in a nursing home. I'm planning a post about her as soon as I can find a good picture.

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