Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Turtles

When Lil Miss A and I biked to school this morning, we found Terry Lottawhiskers, one of the custodians, walking around among the bikes parked outside, looking for something. It turned out to be a turtle, a big one this time, with a shell about saucer-sized. He sighed, picked it up and said he would add it to The Collection. I said, "What collection?" Turned out kids had been bringing turtles to school nearly every day. Terry stores them in a bucket until he has a chance to take a break and carry them down to the wetlands to release them. He showed me today's bucket as he added this turtle to The Collection. She was the 4th for the day.

Terry may be big and gruff-looking, but he let a little of his soft side show in the way he tenderly stowed away that turtle for safe keeping.

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