Thursday, February 12, 2009

All-State Ensemble Speech

I neglected to tell you that Britta and her friend Dustin B. are going to All-State Speech once more with their mime. It's in Iowa City on February 21st. Also representing Kee High will be the Radio News program which is prerecorded; Britta and Dustin will actually be performing their mime again. This is the one titled "Labor of Misconception," about a young couple expecting their first baby any moment, and the hilarity that ensues when he thinks she is in labor - and she isn't. Basically these are the same characters they played for last year's mime, in which the couple went fishing. The year before, it was Dustin and another young lady, getting engaged. We figure if Dustin were around next year the natural progression, given how this couple is doing, would be the Hilarious Divorce.

Dustin is trying for a theater scholarship at Viterbo University. We know how talented he is and I hope the auditions go very well for him. 

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