Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forbes: Ten Things We're Still Buying

Interesting article on Forbes.com about things that consumers are still buying in the US. Briefly, they are:
  1. Smart phones.
  2. Video games and consoles.
  3. Gym memberships.
  4. Personal care items.
  5. Toy building sets (like Legos!)
  6. Car maintenance (keeping our old cars up rather than replacing them)
  7. Dress casual shoes (like you can wear to work)
  8. Restaurant food. (Really? I'm surprised.)
  9. Movie tickets.
  10. Netbooks. (Again, I am surprised.)

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Carol Reese said...

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article in our local paper that said the fancier restaurants were hurting, but that the less expensive places were booming. So, apparently, we're not cutting back on eating out, just on how much we actually spend when we do go out.