Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wow, what a cool house!!

Friends are looking at an old house for sale in New Albin. I'm not going to link or post pictures or anything, as I am hoping that this undiscovered gem remains undiscovered long enough for them to put in their offer. Frankly, a few months ago, for reasons I'm not going to post here, this house was much less gem-like. (It's been on the market for a good while, and the price was just reduced.) It has a certain stigma attached to it. Lots of rather messy family history. But my friends are able to see past all that, and see it for what it is: A nice old house with good bones and tons of potential, with a lovely big lot that could provide tons of veggies from the garden, plus tons of enjoyment.

I sneaked in to have a look, too, and while it's not my decision, I was thinking, "This is THE house!!" I think houses want to rise above the sad things that happen in them. This house gave off very good vibes this morning. It was practically reaching out for these people. I could almost hear it talking, whispering, begging them to give it a chance to be their home. (Yes, I know, I'm ridiculous.)

These people have restored old houses before and they know what they are getting themselves into if they do this.

This is very exciting!

Edited to add: Oh, and it has a PINK WALL OVEN. How cute is that?? I can so see it with the kitchen rebuilt around the stove and oven. Turquoise and pink. Yessss!


Catherine said...

The pink oven would have me running to make an offer! I hope your friends are able to buy the house.

Sweet Annabelle said...

Wow - I'd love to see a photo and know more on the history of the house. Maybe in a future post, AFTER your friends buy it!