Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two more reasons why I love my husband

Seriously, that man just keeps getting better and better. I thought I loved him a lot when we got married. I thought I loved him a lot 5 years ago! But I love him more and more all the time. Here are two more reasons:
  1. Nursing school.  He's taking more and more interest in topics that I'm already interested in, namely trauma medicine and medicine in general. And this morning he talked about the brakes on the Jeep having problems. "It's the bilateral back brakes, not just one side," he said. Bilateral! I love it!
  2. His kind heart. He has to write a paper for Developmental Psychology on Rett syndrome. He spent about 2 hours last night watching videos on YouTube of Rett syndrome families telling their stories through pictures of their beautiful little baby girls who start out as bright, cheery little things with sparkly eyes and huge smiles, and then turn into someone else. He cried the whole time. I just love his kindness. He thinks it was more affecting because he has two lovely daughters of his own who do not have Rett syndrome, and loving them gives him empathy for parents of Rett daughters.
He wants to work in trauma nursing someday, but I think he would be wonderful in pediatrics. I also hope he gets the chance to teach someday. The world needs good nursing instructors, and he's a great teacher.

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Mrs. Mac said...

aaah ... great post about your sweetie!