Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Fix

Last night Mike and Sara brought their new little girl over and we had supper and a nice visit. We all got our baby fix with that wee little girl, just 6 weeks old. I think we were pretty boring because all we wanted to do was watch the baby. :o) She's an extremely easy-going little lady and hardly cries, but at one point she was crying (not very loud, though I thought she was probably giving it her all and would be disappointed to find out that we were not awed at the volume she was putting out), and I kind of laughed. Lil Miss A wanted to know why I would laugh at a baby who is sad, and after thinking about it, here's what I think:

It's because as distressing as that particular moment was for Baby B, as upset as she was about whatever it was she was crying about, when we looked at her we saw a well fed, clean, comfortable, and doted upon little baby whose parents would do everything, give everything, risk everything to keep her safe and well. There are so many children out there who do not have the blessing of loving, stable parents. Looking at that little gal from our perspective, we could see that in a few minutes, all would be right in her world once more, and that her concerns and discomforts are minor in the scheme of things. What a blessing to see a child who is so loved. :o)

By the way, Mike and Sara are not very typical first-time parents. Very easy-going. In fact they didn't even freak out when Bo walked over and licked their baby on her head! I was nowhere near that calm when Britta was brand new. No. Where. Near.

P.S. We served Garlic Cheese Chicken Rollups from, with a few alterations (I just mixed garlic with cream cheese rather than going out and paying twice as much for pre-garlicked cream cheese, for example). Extremely rich. I split some of the half-breasts in half and made smaller rolls and I think I would do that for all of them next time, as it would enable people to take more reasonable, non-heart-attack-causing portions.

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