Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Great news. Britta had two main obstacles to getting an Army ROTC nursing scholarship. The first was the fitness test, which she passed Monday morning. And the second, much larger, was to obtain a medical waiver. She had been formally denied the scholarship based on very minor health stuff that she had had in her early teens but not recently and certainly nothing out of the ordinary for every other human being on the planet. We had hoped to have the medical waiver taken care of in the spring but it had dragged on and on.

Today she got a letter stating that the waiver has been granted! Now, as far as we know, nothing more stands in the way of her accepting her nursing scholarship and becoming an Army nurse. :o)


Mrs. Mac said...

This is great news ... how, if I may ask, does this fit in with her enrollment to the college she is now attending?

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Aaron said...

Hey. Haven't been here in so long that I'm reading month-old posts like they're news! Good news, or good, um, "good olds", anyway.


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