Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lovely, lovely old linens!

I got a present in the mail this week from my sister-in-law Roseann: Some wonderful vintage linens. Look at this table set! I'm guessing it's a bridge set, though I will still use it on our dining table. It is linen with insets of crochet work. And look at those S's! Roseann wrote, "When we got married, an old woman gave them to us and said they had belonged to her parents. I kept them for sentimental reasons all these years but they never saw the light of day and I think you would appreciate them more." And I love them! Now if we can just keep from slopping catsup or raspberry jelly on them. I know they're meant to be used, but I don't want to wreck them, either.

Not in the pictures are a set of cross-stitched pillowcases and matching dresser scarf which are also pretty, quite a bit more recent in vintage, and currently airing on the clothesline.


Connie said...

Those are beautiful. I'm so glad that they'll see the light of day in your home.

WV: Cybums. Cylons who have gone very, very bad and are now lounging around the house eating all the snack food.

Constance said...

Popping over form the sisterhood and thought I'd introduce myself! Another Connie! (I see you already have a friend named Connie whose comment is right above this one!) One can never have too many Connie's in their life!!!! And oh my goodness-I think she too is a "Battlestar Galactica" fan like me!!!!!

I loved the linens! I learned a tip from my MIL regarding my tablecloths. I now buy clear vinyl (Wal-Mart carried this the last time I had to buy it) from a roll in the fabrics dept. I cover my table and the tablecloths and no longer have to worry about junk slopping on them and messing them up!

Deb said...

Connie beat me to it --the suggestion of the clear vinyl over the linens! I have many linens from my Grandmother - handmade with love - lots of intricate embroidery and lace. How I love them! And I don't use them - even WITH the vinyl! I'm just way too sure that they will have ketchup glopped all over them in spite of the covering! Your linens are beautiful - and I love the small quilt you posted earlier which you made for the doll!

...looking forward to reading more on the sisterhood blog!!