Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy but productive weekend

Saturday morning the Kee High speech team bus left Lansing at 6:45, so I drove K and his teammate in and afterward got a nice early start on the day while the rest of the family slumbered on. I cleaned and cooked and cleaned, then we all drove down to Starmont High School and watched a few acting pieces including K's. It was hilarious, and he did a great job. We didn't know it till later but he scored all 1s (the highest).

We grocery shopped in Prairie du Chien on the way home, then started seriously cooking for Sunday, and late in the evening we welcomed a missionary from Uganda, Emily Dwyer, and her grandson. They stayed the night, then came to church with us, where Emily did a presentation on her mission. After church, we had a light lunch at our house for anybody who wanted to get to know Emily more, and had  a nice group of about 20 people. There's still food left, by the way. Emily and her grandson headed home around 2, and Britta headed back to her dorm a little later. Then I tackled my messy office and, in a fit of insanity, actually cleaned and rearranged it and now it's very inspiringly spacious. Almost makes me want to go back to work tomorrow.

Hey, how did it get to be 10:32 already? - Daylight savings time stinks.

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