Saturday, March 27, 2010

Groundbreaking for new Evangelical Free Church next door

With no fanfare at all, construction began on the church next door.  No gold-plated shovel, no fuss... just digging. It's going to be an exciting summer!

If it weren't for the warm and early spring we have been enjoying, I doubt they would be starting this project in March.

I'll take a picture and add it after I get some coffee down my craw.

* Later: * Here are some pictures.

I guess that counts as the gold-plated shovel. Just bigger than most.

The robins are having a big party picking bugs out of those lovely piles of fresh-turned dirt.

Here you get some perspective on where the new church will be, as that is our house beyond the hole.

That's the digger and his son, I believe. They took a break to do some bottle-picking. Lots of interesting stuff turned up from past decades.

I found these myself and plan to go back and look some more as long as I can stay out of the way. I bet there are arrowheads in that dirt if I only knew what to look for.


Catherine said...

Love the construction pictures! Good luck with your bottle hunting.

As far as arrowheads go, look for the unusual that catches your eye. Like a stone or chip of rock you haven`seen before. Look for agates or chert or obsidian (shiny black volcanic glass). Many times Native Americans traded for cutting material. Chert is hard of course and can be yellow, orange, red or other colors. There will also be stone native to your area. A quick Google will help you out. Have fun!

Mrs. Mac said...

Wow ... now that's what I call a 'church next door'.

wv: wortworm ... while your checking for bottles and arrowheads ... why not dig up some wortworms too;)

Chickens in the Basement said...

I love finding treasures in the mud! The area we live in used to be called the Hurricanes. Back during prohibition, the city folks from Raleigh would drive to the boonies (now the burbs) and hit the stills in the area. I'm almost sure one used to be on our land. We find loads of old bottles and stuff.

Fun, fun, fun!