Thursday, March 04, 2010

Our New (to us) Car!

With a total of over 350,000 miles on our two cars combined, and repair bills averaging about what we would pay in car payments, we decided to trade at least one, and possibly both, cars in on one economical, reliable one. We sold our Concorde last week, and today Barry and I bought a one-year-old Ford Escape. And it's my absolute favorite color in the world! It matches my kitchen! What a great color for an assistant fire chief!

It's adorable. It rides more like the Cherokee than the Jeep we test drove did. And get this: We zeroed out the mileage meter when we left the lot in Sparta, Wisconsin, and an hour later when we drove into our driveway, it registered a whopping 32 miles per gallon over that trip. I know we won't always get that but how amazing!

It feels big to me but it's considerably smaller than our old 1993 Cherokee and miles shorter than the Concorde. It's fun to drive. The back seat has room for all three of our large children and their giant feet.

The Cherokee is for sale, but we aren't sure anyone will want it. It isn't worth a lot to anyone but us anyway. So we'll leave the sign in the window and see what happens. I dropped the insurance coverage way down on it, and if it doesn't sell, we will just stop repairing major things and see how long it lasts. It makes a good wood-hauling, dog-hauling backup, and it has 4WD.


Catherine said...

Great car. I love that color!

Mrs. Mac said...

'The back seat has room for all three of our large children and their giant feet.' Oh .. you're in trouble for that GREAT line;) (LoL) Love that your bought a Ford. Red is so YOU! Good gas mileage ... our Escort gets 36-39 MPG ... and it's an old FORD. So much for the hybrid cars, eh?