Monday, March 08, 2010

Signs of Spring

We're having a lovely (but probably false) early spring here, with misty temps in the 30s and 40s, !rain! all Saturday night rather than slow or sleet, and lots of semimelted snow piles. This morning while I walked with my little neighbor to school, we heard our first mourning dove of the season, and she told me she had seen "big birds all lined up" flying overhead yesterday. I don't guess I can count that as my first water birds of spring since I didn't see nor hear them, but I'm watching much more closely now.

UPDATE: I saw them and heard them! I'm counting this as Migrators Return Day.


Catherine said...

When we lived in Utah at the Dugway Proving Ground, we were in the flyway. It was so great seeing and hearing the geese and ducks coming back at springtime. I sure do miss that. Our harbinger of spring is the Turkey Vulture. Saw one a week ago and then it snowed. Guess he was a little early, LOL.

Carol Reese said...

Not sure what our harbinger of spring would be. We've been seeing robins for about 3 weeks, snow or no, and though they could be resident, I don't think they are. But we have a resident pair of mourning doves, who have visited our yard regularly for the last 2-1/2 years. OF course, we're a bit further south in Huntsville, AL. I haven't seen or heard migrating geese yet, but we do get them flying through here. We also have a lot of resident geese and ducks in the area, so it's hard to tell if they're really migrating if it's a small flock. I guess maybe the barn swallows and purple martins and tree swallows would be our harbingers of spring. Haven't really seen them yet, though.

We still have juncos hanging around. We also have resident pairs of house finches, gold finches, and mockingbirds that come to our yard. And our bluebirds from last summer are still hanging around. I think Mom and Dad will reclaim the house and chase the kids off soon.