Sunday, June 13, 2010

Caww to Wuhhhship

I have the call to worship portion of the service this morning and I'm practicing while I sip coffee.

Just tell me that this doesn't scream out to be said in the voice of The Impressive Clergyman from The Princess Bride:

"Love rings our bells this morning; grace welcomes us as we draw near."

Which would be, "Wuvvvv... Twuu wuvv is what wings ouw bewws this morning."

I must stop or I'll be laughing. In church.


Mrs. Mac said...

Praying you remain composed and don't slip into the tweety bird voice;) (HUGS)

Summer Kitchen Quilts said...

Too funny - also love the priest in Four Weddings and A Funeral .... Mr. Bean is the priest, and say something to the effect of in the name of the F and the S and the holy spigot...
Hey girl - thanks for the GIANT Summer Kitchen logo on your site. You're a dear.

Mrs. Mac said...

just had to comment cuzzzzz the wv is

puper ... hope your day was not a pooper type of day;)