Friday, June 18, 2010

My Vintage Revere Ware Copper-Clad Pressure Cooker

Remember the pressure cooker I bought at a garage sale this spring? Upon returning home, I did some research on it, and learned that I have a pre-1948 Revere pressure cooker. The gasket is in good shape, but they are still being sold, so when it needs replacement, that won't be a problem. And has the manual on their website for free downloading.

I tested it out with just water a few weeks ago and it worked beautifully. (Barry and I shooed the kids out of the kitchen and watched it nervously, but it worked fine.) And today I actually used it for the first time to cook some chicken breasts in oil, herbs and a little water, and they came out gorgeous and fragrant and tender.

Another example of how they used to make stuff to last.


Catherine said...

My grandmother had one just like yours. It did a great job, but she was always afraid of it. So glad it`s working for you.

Felisol said...

Never seen one similar to this before.
In the fifties there were bigger pressure cookers in which the neighbor ladies made black and red currant jam and juice.
My mother did not dare to buy one; they were known to explode.
None had such a fancy thermostat attached. I vaguely remember a heavy screw cork with a air-hole on the to lid.(and that we children were evacuated from the kitchen when this pot where in work.)
America always was more advanced, especially when it came to kitchen equipment, cars and so-called America dolls.
They could walk and say mama and had real hair. A dream, that never came true for my part.

I like things which open doors to my happy past. Your cooker is a real treat.