Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Red Crazy Quilt on guest room wall

Barry put this quilt hanging rod up in the guest room for me this morning. I hung my grandma's red crazy quilt on it. It's one of my favorites of all my quilts, hers and mine. She made it for my Aunt Frances.


Carol Reese said...

Very nice! I have an ideal place in the dining room to hang quilts, although I have some gorgeous photos of the CA coast, Yosemite, etc. that I'd like to have enlarged and framed for that wall. However, this made me think that since it's a 14-foot high wall, I can maybe hang a quilt up high and have photos at eye level (approximately 5 - 6 feet off the floor).

Felisol said...

The quilt sure deserves to be displayed and admired I just think I might steal the idea for a quilt my mother made with the help from my father more than 30 years ago. Quoit equipped were not available in Norway back then. My dad measured and cut all the hexagons needed for the quilt in thick cartoon.
I never understood why he had blisters on his thumb and forefinger, when I came home for Christmas.
y mother hand sewn the quilt, and I almost love it to mush to use it. Maybe on our bedroom wall?

I love red crazy. Mothers who are doing what they feel like going. Yeah.

Chickens in the Basement said...

That is absolutely fabulous! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful heirloom!

Catherine said...

Just the right spot for that quilt. It is lovely. I LOVE primary colors (and teal).