Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"Like" This Post: More Dumbing Down of the Internet, if that's even possible

Used to be, on Facebook, you could click a button and become a "fan" of something. I liked that. I could say I was a fan of my home town, or of a restaurant. I could show how much I loved Firefly by becoming a fan of it. Then they changed everything to "like." Now you can "like" stuff. You either like it or you don't, there are no gradations of "like." You can't "love" something, you can't even "dislike" it. You just like it. It was like the beiging of the Internet, as in, I like things in a beige, mediocre sort of way. I grumbled, but I didn't protest vehemently.

Then they made it so you could "like" photos, wall posts AND comments on photos and wall posts. All of a sudden, everything had a "like" button on it. And I found myself falling into line. I would "like" funny comments, I would "like" insightful comments, but I wouldn't say anything. It was just sort of a generic mark of approval. It was, and is, very lazy. And beige.

What's worse, now I find myself looking for "like" buttons all over the Internet. I find myself not wanting to actually come up with my own words to comment on something, I just want to hit that little button and show my approval or solidarity. It's commenting for the lazy person. It's like, I don't care enough about what you just said to actually say anything, I just want to sort of nod vaguely in your general direction.

I feel like I am losing brain cells by the thousands.


togetherforgood said...


(sorry. I really just couldn't help myself.)

SusieQT said...

Great observation. I noticed that too- even the dumbest comments on facebook were getting "liked". Guess that says something about those that over-use the feature, perhaps...

Catherine said...

Astute observation. I`m beige on facebook and RED in real life. Hmm. Not naughty red. LOL