Monday, February 14, 2011

Progressive Snapshot LOL

Our car insurance is through Progressive. They just offered us a program where we could plug in this little monitoring device for 30 days and it would analyze our driving habits and MAYBE offer us a discount. It arrived in the mail Saturday morning and I plugged it right in.

And then Barry and Kieffer took the Escape out to do a photo shoot, and for some reason that nobody will tell me even now, they decided to drive the Escape down a snowmobile trail down the Winnebago Valley. And of course they got stuck. Of COURSE they got stuck. It's a SNOWMOBILE TRAIL, not a TWO-WHEEL-DRIVE FORD PASSENGER VEHICLE TRAIL. I had to take the Jeep out there to rescue them. And after they got the Escape unstuck, it got stuck AGAIN just maybe 10 minutes later. I was really, really, really not happy with them.

I just checked the data from the Snapshot device. Ugh. Why did I plug it in before they got the car stuck? It's showing all kinds of crazy driving data, hard stops, wild accelerations. Of course it all happened in a DITCH FULL OF SNOW, but the Snapshot doesn't know that, all it knows is that these people drive like maniacs and should probably pay MORE for their car insurance.

I did write to Progressive and begged them to disregard our first day's driving record, and they agreed to do that as a one-time concession. So if we do this again, tough noogies.


Catherine said...

HAHA!! That is hysterical. Good timing on your part. I would have been upset too. Glad you were there to initiate rescue!

Vania said...

I'm sorry, but that is funny! Glad they were so nice about it.