Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transcript of an actual conversation that took place in my house last night

ME: Please stir that while I pour this.
SOMEONE ELSE: What are you doing, anyway?
ME: Making soap.
SOMEONE ELSE: Why? Do we need soap?
ME: NO. But I need to make something. And I have all this tallow to use up.
SOMEONE ELSE: Guess that's why it smells like meat.


First of all, we don't always do things because we need to. Sometimes it's because we want to, because it's fun, or we need a creative outlet, or we just want to do something different from typing all day with children unexpectedly home on a snow day and then driving those same children to the pediatrician (the two other things I had to do yesterday). 

And second of all, YES, IT SORT OF SMELLS LIKE MEAT, but it won't when I'm done with it. 

So there.


Connie said...

We haven't done it in a while, but mom and I make soap from time to time. Not with tallow, though, ours is mostly vegetarian if not vegan.

Mrs. Mac said...

I totally 'get it' .. I threw out a big blob of tallow after making a prime rib roast the other night .. visions of soap making came to mind .. but then I looked in the fridge and saw lots of blobs of tallow in little jars waiting to be turned into soap .. and I felt regret for not taking the time to make soap. Please post how your soap turned out. I need some inspiration (a nudge) to get going.

wv= realnog (as opposed to fake nog;)

Maria Stahl said...

Well, Mrs. Mac, I'm a terrible soap maker, so it probably won't be great. :) But I'll mill it to give it a chance. I have a few dribs and drabs of essential oil around here (a little Bulgarian lavender, probably not enough, and quite a bit of patchouli) so I'll do something with those. And maybe some oatmeal.

In The Woods said...

Maria: you have an amazing vocabulary.....Mill it, dribs, drabs, Bulgarian Lavendar, Patchouli. I know what oatmeal is however.