Monday, February 07, 2011

State Speech (large group) and the Viral Gastroenteritis Diet

Saturday was State Speech in Decorah, Iowa. I dropped Kieffer off for his bus at about 6, then went home and washed dishes for a couple of hours till it was time for the rest of us to go. (Barry stayed home and wrote a paper instead.) I took Lil Miss A, and Britta and her "young man", Amadeus. It was a great day. I packed a picnic lunch to save money. Kieffer's group's short acting piece was really good. They keep getting better. I heard jokes that I had never been able to make out before, because they enunciated so clearly. It was funny and they scored a perfect score. There were lots of other interesting performances that I may talk about if I get the energy later but right now I don't have it, because...

as soon as we got home I embarked on the VGE Diet, the one where you lose 10 pounds in about 24 hours and then you don't feel like eating anything for another couple of days. I feel incredibly thin right now. :) Yes, it's fluids. Anyway I'm over it. As it turned out, Barry had already gotten it while at home, and then Kieffer woke up with it Sunday morning. Barry learned later that the entire nursing home had already gotten it. He may have even picked it up there, who knows. Anyway it's done.

I broke a tooth last week chomping on a Life Saver, and this afternoon I am going in to see what they can do about it. I had a root canal once and it seriously hurt worse than having a baby, only I didn't get anything nice at the end of it. I feel like I'd rather just have this tooth pulled if it needs a root canal. We'll see.

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Mrs. Mac said...

Good report on Kieffer's speech group .. congrats to them. Glad you are over your VGD .. it took me a little time to 'read' into what was going on .. at first I though you might be talking transcription 'trash' (LOL) .. feel better the whole lot of you soon .. cyber hugs.

BTW WV = bredsin (I won't comment;)