Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lil Miss A's Ballet Class

For the last day of Lil Miss A's ballet class, the parents were invited to come watch. It was not really a recital, but we got to see what they have learned in the past 10 weeks. It's amazing. They have learned a LOT.

Her camera was acting up so I only have a tiny clip for you. She is the one wearing a black leotard, with her back to the camera.


Anonymous said...

We loved it; she is doing so well. Thanks. Grandpa and Grandma

Felisol said...

She's doing so well, getting every single detail right. I've watched twice to see.
I really admire that she's so soft in her movements and slow enough to make every move count.
She's got the grace of a ballerina too.

Carol Reese said...

This immediately reminded me of Edgar Degas! I had a couple of Degas prints when I was growing up, not sure where they are now. But one of these would make a nice gift for her birthday or Christmas. She is doing very well!