Sunday, May 29, 2011

Please take a walk around my yard with me.

Let me show you what's growing right now.

Starting with the front yard, this is a flower bed alongside the house.

Coral bells Columbine.

A big jumble of mint, chives and a mystery plant that comes up every year.

A baby sassafras tree my in-laws brought us from Pennsylvania.
Sassafras is not supposed to grow around here
but maybe this little guy is willing to make an exception.

My mesh dehydrator, hanging from a tree,
with morel mushrooms and parsley drying in the breeze.

Two little redcurrant bushes that I bought this year...

... and two bigger ones that my in-laws brought
from their land, which are cuttings off a plant
that once grew at Barry's grandmother's house


One of our two ponds. This one is leaking this spring
and so Barry has not been able to let the fish loose in it yet.

The 5-in-1 apple tree that was Barry's Father's Day gift last summer - going strong.
Walking onions from my parents' garden.

No chickens in the chicken pen now - just tomatoes.

Potato barrels.
Sugar snap peas.
Lettuce on the right and center and spinach on the left.
A whole clump of tomato volunteers, probably from one tomato that fell last fall.
And here's our new rain barrel! I found it in a ditch.
This diverter pulls water out of the center of the steam of water 
going down the rain downspout and puts it in the barrel.
The water comes out the bottom of the barrel, goes through the hose...
along the foundation of the house to the laundry room window...
through the wall into the laundry room... 
and finally into the washing machine, if I'm doing a cold water load.


Felisol said...

I am impressed over the multitude of flowers, hers and fruit tree/shrubs on your land. The rhubarb hedge is impressive. The installation to dry herbs look attractive,- if we only didn't only live in the western rain land.
The foreign herbs, can they be thyme or cress? You'll spot the difference by the smell and the stiffness of the stalk.

I think I must show Gunnar your rain water tank. The rain is pouring down, but we pay the municipal by the litre for our consumption.

The best thing of all is your beautiful pond.
It has been a dream of mine for a decade.
I need not even have fish. I just want the water mirror and the stones.

Good luck with your garden summer.

Mrs. Mac said...

Very nice tour .. you are brave to plant mint directly in the flower bed .. unless it was already planted there .. and do you think you have enough rhubarb? It does make a lovely foundation plant. Nice idea about using the water from the rain barrel. I just passed up on two of them (for free) .. smack me later ;)

Amrita said...

Wow Maria , I am so impressed by your neat and beautiful garden. Oh if I had ponds like that I 'd grow lotuses.

The water collecting systenm is very good.

The Owl said...

Wow!!!!! I wish we could grow things over here! Believe me, we've tried.
Your yard is BEAUTIFUL! We just recently started growing grass, and now it's getting taller and taller. I know I shouldn't be, but I am (extremely) jealous!

Jen ( said...

Looking good! :)

I'm hoping to put in a grey water tank going the other way soon.