Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Grove Syttende Mai Garage Sales 2011

Barry's parents are visiting this week, and just typing that tells me how I am neglecting this blog, because you should already know that. Anyway, this morning my partner in crime Lisa Fruitful and my mother in law Jane Stahl headed off to Spring Grove to garage sail. We did very well.

Some highlights were the wringer mop bucket I had been saving up for on line - for only two dollars! - and those nifty lime-green sneakers up there, shown on my feet. They are wonderful. I also got a pair of Born clogs. The big HORSES thing is a sign - and there are 3 of them!! A Hoosier bread drawer for 25 cents... A red dial telephone... A Blue Ridge Pottery pitcher... A pair of antique granny boots... An old gas can... Teacups for Lil Miss A... Lots of fun stuff. I'm worn out. :)


Felisol said...

Your Syttende Mai sales thrills a Norwegian heart.
Some nice way to celebrate our National Day.
I love your finds, the old and new shoes and the lovely cups in particular.
Hope you found a Norwegian flag as well.

Maria Stahl said...

Dear Felisol,

There were Norwegian flags all over the place, but none of them were for sale. :)


Catherine said...

Nice finds Maria! Your green shoes and the red gas can are my favorites.

Carol Reese said...

The front teacup is my grandmother's breakfast set pattern. She had coffee cups, however, which are 8 oz. versus 6 oz. for the tea cups. I have her set, service for 4, luncheon plates, small bread & butter plates, cereal bowls, and coffee cups and saucers. If there were more of us for breakfast or lunch, she had to get out the dinner china.