Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greg Sellnow, Rochester Post-Bulletin, on being really green, not faddish green

Very well put.

Personally, I prefer a pair of shoes that are made in the U.S. over those manufactured in China, no matter how "green" the ones from Shanghai are.

And I'd much rather buy locally grown, non-organic beans or sweet corn than the "planet-friendly" stuff from Peru or even California, because I know it didn't take God knows how much fuel to get it here.

In my mind, we need to go green, if that's the correct term, because it's the right thing to do, not because it's "all the rage" or a marketing gimmick.


Amrita said...

Hi Maria, I want to say I really appreciate your gift yeast packet and donation for our church.God bless you.

The post-card blow is in real good shape.

Mrs. Mac said...

I hinted at this topic a few days ago in my rant titled "Washington Zooacide" ... Maybe we need another term besides 'green' for those less fanatic than shoes made without glue shipped half way round the world folks. In my grandparent's day, everything was produced local ... or stateside. Just think of all the workers we'd have employed if we bought locally produced goods ...