Sunday, October 05, 2008

What color paint is Jade-ite?

If you Google for that, you'll find several possibilities, but none of 'em are just right!

I took Loretta's old Jade-ite coffee cup to Menards and found the perfect paint. It's Dutch Boy "Patina Verdigris,"DB0DT108, and it is perfect. So now, all you Googling for the perfect Jade-ite, Jadite or jade green paint, that's it. You found it.

It's what will be going on our kitchen walls - the part that shows where there are no cabinets, which will just be one wall and the top 2 feet or so of the rest of the kitchen.

I also took my beautiful red Ice-o-Mat ice crusher and tried to find that red, but it didn't exist. So she color matched my Ice-o-Mat. That's going on the beadboard on the ceiling! I could take a picture of the Ice-o-Mat and the can of paint, but it won't have the same impact. You'll have to trust me on that.

Oh, and the hex tile is in! It's adorable! The hexes are so teeny. They are officially an inch in diameter but they look smaller than that. They look like... Chiclets or something. They look delicious! I just want to play with them. Rub them between my fingers. Click them together. Shake 'em like dice.


Terri said...

Hi Maria,

I'm checking your blog every day for the "after" pictures of your kitchen!! Can't wait to see them!! I'm so excited for you!!

farley -a.k.a. Terri

Amrita said...

Pretty colour

Mrs. Mac said...

I just can't wait to see the end result! You're good at keeping your reader's in suspense. How 'bout just a little peek, pretty please ;)

Catherine said...

Love that jadite paint! Can`t wait to see the finished kitchen.