Friday, October 10, 2008


EDITED: I'm putting this note in the beginning of this post because I want people to get the good part of the story first. I sent a link to my original post to the feedback page of Firstgiving, and got a quick and polite response from Margaret Berwind-Dart, Ed.M, apologizing for the problem and asking for more technical information so they could investigate the glitch. I scanned my confirmation pages and sent them to her.

Margaret contributed $15 to each of the two kids' fundraising as an apology! Nothing reinforces an apology better than money given to one's niece and nephew's fundraising efforts. Apology accepted.

My niece and nephew are going to be doing a walk for the Autism Society of America, Northern Virginia chapter, in a couple of weeks, and they emailed me asking for donations through I sponsored each of them for $15 - or, so I thought. I got two separate confirmation screens. I printed them both out as receipts.

Then I got only one confirmation email. I emailed their mom to tell her that I had done both, so she could assure the kids that nobody got left behind, and she checked from her end and it looked as though only one had gone through. I checked, too - sure enough, only one was showing on the donation page.

So I called the long distance number for FirstGiving and talked to a RUDE, SNOTTY, UNPROFESSIONAL, NASTY MAN! I'm so mad! He so much as called me a liar, said I had only done one donation, not two, that if I had done two it would show up and therefore I only did one. I kept telling him I had a printout of the confirmation page right there in front of me and he actually said I did not! That I couldn't, because it didn't happen! I told him that obviously there was a glitch on his end, because I DID have the printout, and he just said, flatly, "No. You don't." I could NOT believe it. What an [expletive deleted but it felt good to type it even if I had to backspace over it anyway].

I'll send a check for the other $15. They won't be able to take their cut out of THAT much, at least. I'm so mad.

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