Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rude People for Obama 2008

Miss B skipped school (with permission) to go see Barack Obama speak in La Crosse this morning. She came home absolutely disgusted with the rotten manners of the crowd (about 15,000 people, when 2,000 had been planned for, for some unknown stupid reason). She and some of her fellow American Government students drove up together, parked about a million miles away and hiked to the La Crosse Center, where they squeezed into the very last few square feet of floor space, then spent the rest of the time jumping in the air trying to catch a glimpse of the Average Guy from Chicago over the heads of everybody else. Miss B was particularly annoyed by the people who would righteously yell "STROLLER!!" as they bashed theirs into everyone's legs to force a way through the crowd. One lady, she said, didn't even have a kid in hers, just an empty stroller.

Five of the students got tee shirts made last night that together spelled out O-B-A-M-A on the fronts, and on the backs were, "Class of '09 for Obama '08. We Skipped Class For This." It got a lot of laughs.

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Mrs. Mac said...

I think I'd rather have stayed in school ;) ... today on some obscure infomercial channel (78 perhaps) our Dish Network has a continuous loop of Obama selling his soul to the devil (I mean American people) ... the thing that got me: this is a 'new' channel I've never seen before in my program guide, and the call letters for the station are OBAMA . Scary. (it's been running all day) Have you seen such a hijack of any channels?