Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finished by Friday: I forgot to take a picture!

Not only am I posting this a day late, but I forgot to take a picture! Friends of ours, Mike and Sara (mostly friends of Barry's, as he has more contact with them, but they are some people I think extremely highly of) are expecting their first baby in a few weeks here. I made a bright and colorful baby quilt for them. It's backed with flannel for fuzziness against baby skin, and the batting is Thinsulate, so it will be very lightweight yet very warm.

I wish I had taken a picture! It's not actually given yet but Barry has it at work ready to bestow next time he sees these folks. Maybe they will take a picture of their baby wrapped in the quilt for me to post someday. (hint hint)

Edited to add: At least I can show you part of the quilt. I used the fabric panels for this soft book, only I cut them all apart to use as 9-inch blocks for the quilt. Lots for the baby to look at, lots of colors. Doggies, too!

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