Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catherine's Vintage Style - a blog worth reading

I cannot remember how I found Catherine's blog for the first time but it's one I recommend. Catherine lives an amazing lifestyle in the Arizona desert, far from the conveniences I certainly take for granted. She and her husband live fairly simply, enjoying the beauty of the desert as their entertainment. And get this: They make their living by gold prospecting! I'm serious! How cool is that!!??

That's her current blog header photo there. She has such an eye. I would love to follow her around for a few days and try to see if she will rub off on me.

Oh, and I sorta left out the fact that she has a lifetime of knowledge of vintage linens. She was the one who got me started doing Saturday's Apron,which I out-and-out stole from her - and I'm not even sorry. She finds the most gorgeous linens and tells what makes them wonderful. I learn a lot from her posts.

Anyway, go check out her peaceful, quiet blog over here. Tell her hello from Maria. :o)

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