Friday, April 09, 2010

Who could resist that smile?

Remember when we were car shopping and I nearly had us buy a Scion xB?

I still think they're adorably ugly and I still think I'd like to have one someday... unless I buy this:

That's the Scion iQ as seen at the New York Auto Show. It's been marketed for awhile in Japan as a Toyota, though the company thinks maybe it would do better in the States branded as a Scion. (Ya think? Maybe?) Isn't it cute? Look at that happy expression. It would rub off for sure. Think how happy I would be driving a happy little car.


Photo source:  The New York Times

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Chickens in the Basement said...

It looks sort of like grimace instead of a smile. What was that movie where the car turned into killer? I know it was a Steven King movie. Give it a year or two to make sure they don't go psycho!

Maria Stahl said...

Ooooh, but wook how cute they are! Toyota has videos on YouTube of them playing tennis, jumping rope, playing frisbee. Such cute little things could NEVER turn evil like Christine. :)