Friday, July 22, 2011

A few pictures

Remember our other robin family? - Both babies died, so our robin parents decided to try again, in a new tree. Here is their second family.

This morning I was up at 5, and witnessed this glorious sunrise.


Catherine said...

Very nice sunrise. So vibrant! Your robins are cute. We have a dove with new babies in an outbuilding, sort of a shed/workshop. All work near there has stopped. This is the third pair of doves. The first two pair abandoned the nest and their babies died. I hope this sweetie successfully raises her babies.

Carol Reese said...

Many birds raise 3 or more broods sucessfully each year, robins amongst them. However, only about 40% of robbins' nests sucessfully produce young. Hopefully, this pair will survive! Here's a link about robins - This website is an excellent source of information on all kinds of birds. Maria, I told you that cedar waxwings can get intoxicated from eating overripe honeysuckle berries - well, so can robins!

Maria Stahl said...

Carol, the robins fledged today. :)