Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gladys Richards auction

This morning my late neighbor and fellow church lady Gladys Richards' estate was auctioned off, pretty much across the street from us (down a couple of doors). They sold her little house, which was on a nice-sized lot but not a particularly interesting house in my opinion, plus most of her belongings. I popped in and out throughout the morning while getting other things done.

I bought a bag of wooden clothespins, some canning stuff (lids, rings, a few jars, some wax and a couple of funnels), a photograph of our church building that I believe dates to soon after the dedication of the current 1950s structure, a vintage Hamilton Beach roaster oven (church lady staple), and an Enterprise tabletop meat grinder. I accidentally bought a couple of air mattress floatie things, making a certain young lady very happy, as well as a stack of afghans (not sure what I'll do with those) and one of those glass ceiling light shades with the three holes for chains. Some of this I know I'll sell, some I'll keep; I'm still figuring out which is which. It usually goes like that.

It was awfully hot out, but lots of fun, as it was a good, friendly crowd AND I wasn't stuck there and could run home to air conditioning every time I felt like it. One thing I found amusing was the gentleman who showed up with his van. He parked, then placed a tiny electric air conditioner in one of the back windows of the van, then pulled out a gasoline generator to power the air conditioner. Wow.

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Catherine said...

How convenient, an auction on your street! I tend to pick up afghans too and those roasters are always useful. Hope your weather cools.