Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What We Did Last Week

We Stahls spent last week visiting my parents in Roseville, Minnesota. A big project we accomplished (okay, mostly Barry accomplished, we helped somewhat) was to sand and refinish the hardwood floors in the dining room and hallway. These floors have been under carpeting nearly all the time since 1958 when their cute midcentury ranch home was built. So the floors are in great shape, just needed some love.

Now my mom says she thinks she'd like to have more floors exposed, since this turned out so nice. Those will be much easier, as this area was the part that you basically have to walk through to get to any other part of the house.


Catherine said...

Beautiful floor Maria. How was the Minnesota weather?

Felisol said...

Beautiful floor. I understand your Mom, who wants more of the good things.
How nice of you to help her out.

Becky said...

oh wow, oh wow!!! it looks fantastic!