Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garden update (lots of pictures)

"Black" hollyhocks (actually they are deep purple). A heritage variety we don't know the name of.

Horseradish which I just started from rootings. In a barrel so it doesn't escape.

These tomatoes are in the former chicken pen and are very, very happy
 to be rooting in a deep layer of old chicken poop. Lots of nitrogen.

Hops, taking over the garage as usual for this time of year.
People sometimes think we're growing cannabis. It's not surprising;
marijuana and hops are both closely related to hemp.

Wee little eggplants!

Potatoes in barrels.

More tomatoes, this time in the garden proper.
Lots of tomatoes setting, but look at all those yellow leaves.
Big difference from the chicken poop ones.
I have sent Barry out to buy fertilizer.

Sunflowers, growing tall. Barry planted them
rather randomly all over the yard.
He loves sunflowers. So do the birds.

Some nasty creature is eating all our cabbages.

Something new this year: Black beans!
Mostly just for fun; they are cheap to buy and you
have to grow a LOT of them to feed one person.

I was sprouting some black beans from the store
and decided to plant a few and they took right off.


Felisol said...

Wow, you are a clever gardener. I thought of planting potatoes in a barrels too. Then suddenly Gunnar had thrown away all the potatoes with sprouts. Thought they were ruined...
I've nothing, but herbs and berries this year.
Nice to see how the real gardeners are working.

Maria Stahl said...

LOL about Gunnar and the sprouted potatoes. :)

The Owl said...

You are so lucky you can actually grow ANYTHING!!! We have NOTHING over here!

Vania said...

I started a horseradish plant too. A friend gave me one from her yard.